Memorial College Fund

"When my dad passed away unexpectedly, my world was completely upended. I had already lost so much, but because of the FBIAA I didn’t have to also lose my college education and my plans for the future. My family and I will forever be grateful for this scholarship; it provided hope and much-needed financial support in an extremely difficult time in my life."

Major: English
School: California Polytechnic State

"My dad really loved being an FBI Agent. I am proud to be a recipient of this because it reminds me of how hard my dad worked for the bureau and his love for its mission."

Major: Business Management
School: Harding University

"Thank you so much for your assistance and support. We feel so fortunate to be relieved of the financial burden college tuition can cause. Your thoughtfulness means the world to us."

Major: Business Management
School: West Virginia University, 2014

Major: Psychology and Art
School: Millersville University

"It has been such a privilege for me to receive this scholarship. (It) has been a tremendous incentive and motivator for me to continue on with my education. You have truly helped me make this dream a reality."

Major: Nursing
School: South Dakota State University, 2014

Download FBIAA Memorial College Fund brochure (PDF)

Make a donation to this Fund online or contribute by check. Please make checks payable to ‘FBIAA MCF’ and mail to FBIAA MCF, PO Box 320215, Alexandria, VA 22320. You can also designate Memorial College Fund (CFC #10280) as your Combined Federal Contribution.

The Fund is a tax-exempt charity under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Fund are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

EIN:  133-351-127
Combined Federal Campaign:  10280

History of the Fund
In December, 1982, five Special Agents - Ernest C. Burchette, Robert W. Conners, Charles L. Ellington, Terry Burnett Hereford and Michael J. Lynch were killed in the line of duty as a result of two separate accidents. Craig L. Dotlo, then President of the FBIAA, proposed that their deaths be memorialized with a college education Fund to benefit the survivors of deceased FBI Agents.

The Fund, originally called the Children's Education Fund, was endowed by sales of the "First FBI Commemorative Revolver."  Approximately $186,000 formed the corpus of the new college education Fund.

Since the inception, donations have been added to the Fund from a variety of sources.  FBIAA sponsored golf tournaments in many regions of the country provide much needed contributions as do annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) contributions from FBI and other government employees.  Additionally, donations from active Agents, retired Agents, citizens and corporations contribute to the core of the Fund.  Each donation is recognized in the FBI AGENT newsletter.

The original purpose of the Fund was to provide interest-free college loans to qualified children of deceased FBI Agents.  The terms of the trust include natural children, step-children and legally adopted children of FBI Agents who (1) died (from any cause) while so employed; or (2) retired from the FBI, whether by Law Enforcement Retirement Plan or by Disability Retirement, and died within one year of separation from the FBI.  In February, 1996, the terms of the trust were amended to offer scholarships instead of loans to children of deceased Agents. Spouses of deceased Agents were now also eligible.  These changes were made possible by the growth of the Fund.  In 2008, FBIAA President Fred Bragg directed the sale of a Glock Handgun to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the FBI.  Funds from this handgun sale constituted the largest Fund raising effort in the history of the FBIAA and were deposited in the Memorial College Fund account.

The MCF currently offers scholarships to qualified individuals for use in paying the cost of obtaining an Associate or Bachelor's degree.  Recipients may attend any college, public or private, anywhere in the world. Since its inception, the Fund had assisted over 241 children and distributed over $7.5 million in scholarship money. Contact your office FBIAA representative for additional details regarding this Fund.


    Arthur C. Grubert - 04/85 - 11/95
    Christopher Morrison - 04/85 - 11/95
    David L. Clark - 04/85 - 11/95

    Robert J. Marston - 11/95 - 04/03
    Edward T. Cugell, Jr. - 11/95 - 04/03
    Rita M. Fitzpatrick - 11/95 - 06/05

    Carl Catauro - 04/03 - 08/08
    Nancy McNamara - 04/03 - 08/08
    James J. O'Connor - 06/05 - 08/08
    Charles Gunther - 08/08 - 04/12

    Jean K. O'Connor - 08/08 - Present
    John P. Fagan - 08/08 - Present
    Jason Herring - 04/12 - Present

You can make a donation to this Fund online or checks can be made payable to Memorial College Fund and mailed to:  P.O. Box 320215 Alexandria, VA 22320