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It is time to make domestic terrorism a federal crime

The Hill

By: Thomas O'Connor

September 13, 2017

FBI Group: Don't limit search for new Director.

USA Today: Opinion

By: Tom O'Connor

May 18, 2017 

FBI agents group urges Trump to pick Mike Rogers for director

The Hill

By: Mallory Shelbourne


FBI Agents Association Endorses Mike Rogers for FBI director


By: Rebecca Morin


FBI Agents Association endorses Mike Rogers for director

Washington Examiner

By: Kimberly Leonard


FBI Agents Association Moves to Help Members Navigate Post-Comey Uncertainty

Associations Now

By: Allison Torres Burtka


New acting FBI chief pushes back on WH assertion that rank and file lost confidence in Comey

ABC News

By: Mike Levine


Stunned FBI agents grapple with Comey firing

Associated Press

By: Sadie Gurman & Eric Tucker


FBI agent groups dispute Trump's rationale for Comey firing


By: Josh Meyer


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Press Releases and Advocacy

FBI Agents Association Statement: Performing Our Duties with Unwavering Integrity and Professionalism
December 3, 2017

FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) President Thomas O’Connor issued the following statement today:

“Each and every day, FBI Special Agents put their lives on the line to protect the American public from national security and criminal threats.  Agents perform these duties with unwavering integrity and professionalism and a focus on complying with the law and the Constitution.  This is why the FBI continues to be the premier law enforcement agency in the world.  FBI Agents are dedicated to their mission; suggesting otherwise is simply false.”

FBI Agents Association Statement on 16th Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
September 11, 2017

FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) President Tom O’Connor issued the following statement on the 16th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks:

    “The FBI Agents Association marks with solemn reflection the 16th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by remembering all the victims and their families.  FBI Special Agent Leonard “Lenny” Hatton was one of those who lost his life 16 years ago today when he saw smoke and fire coming from the North Tower of the World Trade Center and rushed to the scene.  Special Agent Hatton reported critical information to the FBI and assisted emergency responders in leading people from the World Trade Center buildings to safety.  He lost his life when the buildings collapsed.

    We also remember on this day FBI Special Agents who responded to 9/11 sites and were exposed to toxins and hazardous materials in the performance of their duty.  Some of these Agents are ill and some have died from cancer from this exposure.  In 2016, seven brave FBI Special Agents who died from 9/11-related illnesses received posthumous commemoration as their names were added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall of Honor in Washington, DC:  SSAs Steven A. Carr and Robert Roth and SAs Jerry D. Jobe and Wesley J. Yoo  of the Washington Field Office; SAs William R. Craig and Paul Howard Wilson of Pittsburgh; and SA Gerard D. Senatore of Charlotte. We also remember SA Rex Stockham, who responded to the crash scene in Shanksville, PA and passed away in October 2016 from a 9/11-related illness.

Read full release here.

June 7, 2017

FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) President Thomas O’Connor issued the following statement on President Trump’s nomination of Christopher Wray to be the next FBI Director:

“The FBIAA is the only organization that serves as the voice of FBI Special Agents.  It is essential that the next FBI Director understand the details of how Agents do their important work.  For this reason, FBIAA established a set of principles for the selection of a new Director that are supported by the thousands of FBIAA-member Agents across the country.  These principles first and foremost identify the centrality of the Special Agent to the Bureau's mission of protecting our country from a wide array of threats ranging from street gangs and mortgage fraud to counter-intelligence, cyber-espionage and foreign and domestic terrorists.

Read full release here.


Hurricane Relief Efforts 

The FBIAA has been working to help Agents and non- Agent employees of the FBI in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and now Maria. To date the FBIAA has assisted over 25 FBI employees and has contributed over $50,000 of Membership Assistance Funds. The Membership Assistance Fund was created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and it’s sole purpose is to help families that have been affected by sudden unforeseen tragedy. 
The FBIAA anticipates many more assistance requests to come over the next few weeks as the families of the FBI assess the damages to their homes and begin to rebuild. The FBIAA has received extremely generous donations to help in the Hurricane relief efforts totaling over $15,000 to date. We will continue to accept donations on behalf of relief efforts. Donations can be made at www.fbiaa.org/ways-to-donate. Many have been affected by these storms but it is important to remember that the FBI is a family and that the FBIAA, with help from FBIHQ is here to help this family remain strong in times of need. 


Newly Confirmed Director Wray attends FBIAA National Convention



Police Week 2017

Charitable Events

The Women in Homeland Security chose the FBIAA Memorial College Fund for its chairty of the year. They held two fundrasiers that the FBIAA participated in, a BBQ challenge in October and a Mardi Gras Event this spring. The result of these fundraisers was a total of a $25,000 donation to the Memorial College Fund. The FBIAA is extremly grateful of the genoursity of the Women in Homeland Security and for all the hard work that went into these events. 

G-man Honors Dinner 2017