Membership Assistance Fund

"I am so grateful for the assistance provided in the form of an extremely generous check that will help with all of my medical bills. My family and I feel such relief and it’s all because of you....... I am forever indebted to you and will be ready to pay it forward once I am done."


"We were so greatly touched by the agent association’s outreach during the passing of our son. Your kindness and generosity meant so much to us. It also helped relieve a big financial burden by alleviating our funeral expenses. This is truly a gift that has touched our hearts and helped us out and will not be forgotten. The FBIAA will always hold a special place in our hearts."


"Thank you so much for the generous financial assistance. It will be another long year for us but your generosity will certainly help alleviate some stress. We thank you from bottom of our hearts. "

family of Raegan

"Approximately one month ago, one of my co-workers told me they notified the FBIAA of my wife’s aggressive breast cancer. Almost immediately we received a check from your organization to help with medical expenses. I cannot tell you how eternally grateful my family and I are. This gives my wife and I peace of mind and helps get her the best treatment available to beat cancer. Thank you."


"My wife and I don’t know how to say thank you in a meaningful enough way to truly express how grateful we are for the amazing gift you all gave us. Just as the medical bills were piling up and the stress was mounting my boss handed us an extremely generous gift from the FBIAA that immediately took away the stress and anxiety of the medical bills. We can not wait to be in a position where we can help do this for another family."

family of Ruby

"We are so grateful to God for the blessings we have received during this difficult time, and hope that all of your members realize what a huge impact this has made on us. Thank you again for your gift, it will last a lifetime."

family of Katie

Make a donation to this fund online or by check. Make checks payable to FBIAA MAF and mail to FBIAA, MAF PO Box 320215 Alexandria, VA 22320.

This fund is a tax-exempt charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

EIN: 27-1412466

The purpose of this Fund is to provide financial assistance to members & their families who have been affected by a sudden unforeseen tragedy. Assistance is also available on a case by case basis to non-member employees of the FBI and certain other law enforcement personnel.

The impetus for this fund was the donations received by the FBIAA for the FBI victims of Hurricane Katrina, the California Wildfires, a terrorist attack in Islamabad, and similar significant events for which no tax deductibility could be provided. Now, the generosity of donors can be properly recognized and appropriate fund raising efforts developed. Recent examples of Fund distributions have included payment for lodging near intensive care units when an immediate family member is hospitalized with a grave illness or injury, assistance with funeral expenses, emergency travel expenses in connection with a serious family matter, and assistance with the purchase of necessary durable medical equipment.

You can make a donation to this fund online. Checks can be made payable to MAF and mailed to P.O. Box 320215 Alexandria, VA 22320.